Valentine Tshirt!

During Sewing Camp this month, I tried the Cookie Cutter Tshirt project at Make It and Love It.

One thing to note if doing this project- read the directions! My friend cut up her shirt before we read them, and she had not done it right! The shirt was rescued, but it did not turn out the way it was meant to be!

It turned out rather nice, didn’t it? WARNING- This project is harder than it looks.


Fabric Apples

At sewing camp we made apples. We used a technique called reverse applique. It is where you put the right sides out for an applique.

We made quite a mess!

We had lots of fun fabric!

Some of them we finished with a cinnamon sticks and raffia.

They were really fun to make.

Quilt Patch Skirt

Some of you might know about Sewing Camp from my mom’s blog. Some of my friends and I got together with some of our moms to sew over the summer. Now we are meeting once a month on Sunday afternoons for the school year.

I learned how to use a serger which is really a lot of fun!

I have to attach two more layers of the skirt. What do you think of my colors?

I’m just about to finish it and I can’t wait to wear it! Sewing camp is lots of fun!