Can you guess what I’m making?


I don’t usually stuff garments, in fact this is the first time I have ever done it. Can you guess what I’m making?


Sewing Funs and Not So Funs

Not fun:
-Seam ripping.
Nobody wants to use the stitch picker! 😦
-Cutting out a hundred circles with dull pinking shears


-Sewing something on backwards
Definitely goes with stitch picking.
-Threading sewing machines
Especially sergers!

Fun stuff!
-Sewing something and it fitting!
-Beautiful hand sewing stitches
-Light blue fabric
-Sewing machines

This year for school I will be doing some more blogging. So expect more new posts soon!


Steampunk outfit 5


I finished the skirt!
I think I should mention that this is a school project. I am studying Jules Verne. This dress is a project that goes with my written work. Being a homeschooler is cool.


Do you see the ribbon? It matchs the ribbon on the sleeves. I had to make the hoopskirt smaller to fit. 😦
The next part is going to be the outer corset. I also plan to make lace gloves. And of coarse a top hat! Maybe even shoes.


I also did Felicitys hair to go with the outfit. I put in the purple highlight from the bright highlights set. It goes well, don’t you think?