Doll Dress

I made a doll dress with my new serger! It was modeled after a dress I made in a sewing co-op.

 Here is my new planning notebook, I write my sewing stuff here.

 Here are a couple pictures of me making it.

 The dress form was helpful.

 Fashion model!

 Here are some other things I made with my new serger. Doll handkerchiefs,

and coasters. I love my new serger. It works really, really well.



I’ve got some exciting news to share! I was given the gift of a free serger from a special friend I’ve never met. Thank you special friend!

Looks complicated…I’m not one to love finishing seams and a serger will help me to do that much easier. I love using a serger! I just need to learn how to thread my own machine.

Look at that edge! I can’t wait to get started. I’m working on the underskirt of a very special project and I think the serger will make the first seam a lot easier.

More hints on the special project soon. Stay tuned!

My New Sewing Machine!

I got a sewing machine for Christmas!

It came with a bag of aqua fabric and doodads which is special because aqua is my favorite color.

My machine with aqua fabric and doodads near our tree

My Bernette 82e on my art desk…we put it there by the end of Christmas Day and I’ve sewn a bunch of things on it. It was hard to leave it for a week to see our family for Christmas!

This machine is absolutely, dramatically AWESOME! My favorite things about the machine are:

  • I like the drop in bobbin!
  • I like that it has a purple front.
  • I love that it’s up on my art desk in my room.
  • I like how quietly it sews. 
  • It’s my very own- which is really one of the best things about it!
  • The needle stops in the up position automatically.
  • The compartment on the front holds the accessories.
  • I like that you can get a ruffler attachment for it! (I haven’t gotten it yet though)
  • I love that an aqua ribbon was tied onto it just for me!

My mom helped me to reorganize my art desk so stay tuned for more pictures!