You shall not pass!

Oh, whoops, you aren’t a balrog. Hi nice to meet you my name is Gandalf.


This is Gandalf. I made three to put in my brothers Easter baskets. The pattern is here.
Gandalf crochet pattern

Some other things I have been working on:

Felt cookies my younger brother is helping me with these. These were made with the Bugga Bugs patterns



Hokie Bag

I made a bag for my oldest brother for Christmas to hold all his lego star wars mini-figs. He’s a collector and he has a huge collection- 75 at the last count! It had to be a bag that could carry them all.

I made it burgundy and orange for his favorite football team- the Virginia Tech Hokies. I was able to choose the perfect fabric. I started it at my sewing school and finished it at home. I was pretty happy when I found the orange knit material for the drawstring. I was afraid I would have to go with some other color and it wouldn’t be nearly as exciting.

He loves the bag!