Cinderella: the story of a fair maiden

Miss Bliss presents: A doll production of100_3074

Cinderella was a poor maiden. She had to work all day, and sometimes, all night. She could not go to balls, eat fancy food, or go visiting. She had rags for clothes, and no shoes. She had three step-sisters, all of which were very mean. They did all the fun stuff and left Cinderella all the work.


She sometimes wished she could go to the balls. But unfortunately, that was out of the question. When ever there was a ball, Cinderella would watch them go past in there fancy gowns and fancy shoes and fancy everything. One day while Cinderella washed the floor her sisters were on there way to a ball. This was the fanciest ball they had ever been to.


The first sister went by without a glance.


The second sister turned away in disgust.


The third sister told her to get back to work.


The prince was going to be at this ball. all the sisters wanted to meet him. he was becoming king. He was picking someone to be queen. Cinderella was thinking  about all this. she went back to work with a sigh.


Suddenly, Poof! There was a fairy. She had heard Cinderella’s wishes and had come. She said “Cinderella, I am your fairy god mother. Go to the ball and be proud. But you have to be back by midnight, for when the clock strikes midnight, your clothes will turn back to the rags that they were. ”


And, Poof! Cinderella’s dress changed from rags to fancy, she even had shoes!


She went, and was having a grand time, when she looked at the time. She was in the middle of dancing with the prince…


She made tons of lame excuses about leaving right now.


She had to be quick…


Ding, Dong, ding, dong, ding, dong,ding, dong, ding, dong, ding, dong. It was midnight.

But Cinderella was safe at home.


But, She had left something… And the prince followed her to find where she went. but Cinderella was gone, all that was left was her shoe.


He tried it on everyone. It didn’t fit the step sisters, it didn’t fit anybody else either.


Finally, he tried it on Cinderella. It fit! She went on to become a princess, and lived happily ever after.



A Bit of Designing Photostory

Hmm… I want to design something. Where is my tape measure? Here it is.

Miss Bliss: patchwork top design

Alright, now what to design? A dress? A pair of pants? A tank top? What about shorts? Hmm… I think I will design a tank top dressy thing. Now I am going to make a sketch.

Miss Bliss: Patchwork top designing

There. Now I am going to take some measurements. Over to my dress form!

Miss Bliss: Patchwork top designing

11 in… 22 in… 15 in… Hmm… I think it is going to have a high waist and is going to fall mid thigh. Maybe I should pair it with shorts. Little cold for shorts. How about pants?

Miss Bliss: Patchwork top designing

Nah, I am going to just make the top. Now for some fabric!

Miss Bliss: patchwork top designing

Time to make the pattern. I am going to draft this one from scratch. First I mark points, then I draw lines, and finally I alter it to make my pattern.

Miss Bliss: Patchwork top designing

Then I sew, sew, sew! I check the fit, sew on velcro and other finishing touches then… Julie! Julie! Julie where are you! Then I call my fashion model.

Miss Bliss: Patchwork top designing

Then to the runway!

Miss Bliss: Patchwork top designing

Some notes (from R) on the photostory- This is not necessarily how I design, but it works for the photostory. This was the first time I drafted. Here is the tutorial I used. Scroll down to find the drafting tutorials. The drawing of a draft is a silly picture, that draft might fit a football with arms and legs.

Our Day Outside

Samantha and I had a great time outside. We want to show you the pictures.

 Here’s us in the wagon. We had a great ride!

 We played hopscotch. It was so much fun!

 We were drawing with sidewalk chalk when Felicity joined us.

 Then we went and tried to climb this tree.

 Samantha is a great tree climber.

 Here’s me!

 This tree is so big we can’t rap our arms around it!

 We had fun playing ball.

We went back inside and Felicity made a with flowers that she picked.
        Kit, Samantha, Felicity