A Medieval Doll Dress


Some of the pieces


My sketch


Doll making


I made this doll from felt and pipe cleaners. I don’t know what I will name her, if you have any suggestions, them in the comments. I probably will do more doll making in the future, this is just a first try. I want to replace my plastic dollhouse dolls with something home made. I might do a needle felted doll, but I would have to get materials, so it will be a while.


I’ve been learning to crochet since Easter when I found this book in my Easter Basket. It’s been easy and fun. I couldn’t quite get the hang of knitting so I tried crocheting and it’s a lot easier.

It’s really easy to follow the directions and the kit comes with everything you need.

My first try at it!

I hope to make a flower some time.