Denim Bag Tutorial

Hello! Today I will be showing you how to make bags out of old pairs of pants and shorts. Have Fun!

Denim Bag

One pair of pants or shorts
Less than an eighth of a yard of fabric


Sewing Machine
Serger (If you don’t have a serger, you will have to find another way of finishing your seams)
Chalk or other marking tool

2015-08-19 16.50.38
Lay out shorts or pants on cutting surface

2015-08-19 16.51.33
Cut across at the lowest point possible without disturbing the legs.

2015-08-19 16.55.07
Serge or sew and finish bottom edge

2015-08-19 16.57.32
Measure and serge an 1 1/2 in. away from the corner for the gusset.

2015-08-19 16.59.39
Turn inside out and admire 🙂

2015-08-19 17.08.12
Measure along the side from belt loop to belt loop. Remember that number.

2015-08-19 17.09.04
On you, a friend, or a dress form, measure how long you want your straps to be.

2015-08-19 17.09.26
This is my favorite method of determining strap length. They can be long or short. I prefer long, but I ran out of fabric. Mine will be short.

2015-08-19 17.07.22
Add the first measurement times two to the second measurement times two. That will the straps length. To determine width, take the desired width, multiply by two, and add seam allowances.

2015-08-19 17.32.22
Cut and sew with your favorite method. My favorite method is to fold in and iron seam allowances and then fold in half and iron. After that I topstitch down both sides.

2015-08-19 17.33.07
Thread through all belt loops except the back one. Stitch the ends of the strap together.

2015-08-19 17.37.31
Adjust straps until satisfied!


Sewing Funs and Not So Funs

Not fun:
-Seam ripping.
Nobody wants to use the stitch picker! 😦
-Cutting out a hundred circles with dull pinking shears


-Sewing something on backwards
Definitely goes with stitch picking.
-Threading sewing machines
Especially sergers!

Fun stuff!
-Sewing something and it fitting!
-Beautiful hand sewing stitches
-Light blue fabric
-Sewing machines

This year for school I will be doing some more blogging. So expect more new posts soon!