Paper Dolls

I don’t think I have ever really talked about paper doll here. I have a collection of them to. Just maybe a non-played with as much one.


I have Abraham lincoln and his family paper dolls, Kirsten, Kaya, Felicity (I have two!), Addy, and Samantha’s paper dolls, little house paper dolls, fashion paper dolls from the Godey’s Lady’s book 1840-1854, I have Molly, Samatha, and Kirsten all in one set, not including home made ones. Wow that’s quite a list.


(yes, celtic princess dress on a doll with rasberry hair) read more about the doll on the bed at Paper Doll World. The one on the bed is named Lillian Grace. The other one is named Violet. Lillian has more clothes and can switch hair. Violet has a bed below Lillian’s. You can’t see it in the picture.

What do you think about paper dolls? Do any of you have any?
Miss Bliss
PS  Paper Doll World is having a contest right now. The link is to my entry. Scroll down to find the link to how to enter.

PPS Sorry About the password thing. I did not mean for this post to be passworded. Hopefully this will fix the problem. (i accidentally made it so that you needed a password to get in to the post.)


2 thoughts on “Paper Dolls

  1. Miss, Bliss,
    My girls and I have collected paper dolls for years! Our favorites are from Mary Englebreit. She used to have a magazine called Home Companion and every month it had a paper doll in the back you could cut out. She also has paper doll calenders with every month a different paper doll and clothes. So cute! We also have all of the Little House on the Prairie paper doll sets and the Civil War books like your Abraham Lincoln family. We love, love, love paper dolls around here! You have inspired me to some day (hopefully soon!) do a blog post on them, so you can see ours, too. 🙂
    Have fun at the fair!

    • Sounds Fun!! If you love paper dolls you should check out this website. They are having a contest and so far I am the only one who has entered. Thanks for visiting my blog!

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