My Sewing Library

I’m excited to share with you my sewing library. I get to use these books to find projects I like to work on. Some are easy books for kids and some are a little more advanced, but I always learn something when I read them.

This is one of my newest additions to the library.

This is really a combined library. Some of the books are mine and some of them are my mom’s that she has been using for a long time. She used to sew more (when kids, homeschooling and blogging were not past times so much!) and had started a small library when she got her sewing machine. Now that I love to sew we’ve added on. Everyone knows I love craft and sewing books so it’s an easy gift! We also get them from library book sales and with discount coupons. Mom says we rarely buy a book at full price.

6 thoughts on “My Sewing Library

  1. Thank you for sharing the list! Some of these I know but I wil definitely be watching for some for my daughter. She got Sewing School for Christmas and LOVES it.Kori

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