4-H Demo: Making a Drawstring Bag

I recently did a 4-H Public Presentation on sewing a drawstring bag. I took my sewing machine and demonstrated making the bag and sewing the casing. I showed how to put the drawstring in and told everybody why you always sew on the wrong side.

These are my tips and instructions for making the bag.

This is me practicing- only during the demo I was facing the audience.

My awe-inspiring poster (I used The Synonym Finder for this description) As a side note, The Synonym Finder is immensely satisfying (and I did not use the finder for the word immensely. I just thought of it.)

My brother suggested that my sewing machine is enigmatic*. And I’ll agree because it has many groovy buttons. As in cool. Did you know, according to The Synonym Finder, there are 11 kinds of cool? Some of them sort of say what I want to say, but not really. So, I went with groovy.

I enjoyed it because I like speaking to the public and sewing is extra awesome! In dictating this to my mom, I used my language arts lesson on not using “commonly overused words”. How did I do?

I get to go on to the next level and present it again. And I hope to move on to the level after that, but that will be it because this year this is no “level after that” (state level).

* Enigmatic- go ahead…look it up!

** Disclaimer- Heather (Mom) is only the stenographer. She had almost nothing to do with the moments with The Synonym Finder unless you count that both E12 and R10 were doing an assignment on humor along with being challenged not to use overly used common words. It’s all about application and I’m pretty sure I could make a mint on writing lessons to go with nothing but a dictionary and thesaurus!


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