My Secret Lair

It is wonderful to have my own space to work. Since I got a sewing machine for Christmas, I can sew up in my room too. I have art strips above my desk to hold my art work. I can do art, crafting, and sewing there.

This is it…my own secret lair!

My sewing library

My sewing basket and mini dress form

My artsy craftsy books. When my mom helped me to re-organize, we put some up in my closet. These are the ones I use most often.

I recently got some hat boxes from my Great-Great Aunt and two of them will go here and hold some of my fabric for quick projects. I really like hat boxes!

This is my paper stash. I love paper. Behind the paper is my bead box. I also love beads.

Here are my drawing supplies and behind it is my scrapbooking box.

My new sewing machine fits right back there so I can still have room to be crafty without it!

This one shows my art strips too. My mom designed this spot and my dad built it. My mom painted the art strips…do you see the glitter?

This picture shows my cool chair. It’s a classroom chair, but my mom likes it because it has rounded edges and is carpet friendly. This one is a teacher sized chair so I can use it for a long time.

I hope you enjoyed the tour of my Secret Lair (mine because my mom has one too). This is such a fun place for me! And generally my brothers don’t venture in. Did you know I have three brothers?


12 thoughts on “My Secret Lair

  1. Wow R8! This is lovely!! You have explained it beautifully too…I have certainly enjoyed the tour. It is so nice and neat also. I have to wonder, does it stay that way while you are creating? I love your blog, and I look forward to seeing some of your creations here.Love, Aunt Kim.

  2. Uh oh….R8 is Really R10…it was just a slip…I knew that…just call it a senior moment…I know your Mom can relate…lol…I tried to amend the comment…but no go…sigh…Love, Aunt Kim…PS..Tell your Mom to please not tell Nani…

  3. Hello,I like your lair. I would have loved to have had one when I was young. Two questions: Do you have a drill? There .are circular drill bits that literally drill a good sized circular hold in material. I was thinking, you could drill a hole like that towards the back of your desk and drop your sewing machine cord down it. You can also get two part hold covers. one covers the rough hole but leaves the centre part as you drilled it. The second part is for after you have dropped the wire down. It sits in the hole leaving jut a small opening for your wire. The reason you need bothis that the plug could be very large and all you need is a small opening for the cord itself, after you drop it thru'.The second point I was curious about is what do you do for light, artificial and natural. Lovely Lair. I hope it gives you many hours of pleasure.

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