How to Make a Colored Pencil Roll

You’ll need felt and some cotton fabric along with pinking shears, pins and ribbon.

Pin one piece of felt to one piece of cotton. Cut it out to match the size of the felt with pinking shears.

Pin the ribbon folded in half to one side of the roll (this was my mistake the first time). Sew around the edge about 1/4 inch from the edge. Sew a few times over the ribbon area using reverse on your machine.

Fold up the edge on one end making sure the felt side is in. Sew the edges up and mark the seams every half inch using a ruler and a marking pencil and sew the seams to make the slots for the pencils. The only thing I would do differently is to use felt by the yard so I could make it just a big longer. That way I could fold the top down over the pencils before rolling. Considering I didn’t use a pattern, I think these turned out really well!

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