Quilt Making

I have been working on a quilt from the Corps of Re-Discovery. It was part of the fabric stash and small projects that I took to my room and out of my mom’s secret lair. I just followed the directions to make the 9 Patch quilt squares. It’s coming together pretty well.

I hope you liked seeing how I’ve been putting these quilt squares together. I can’t wait until the quilt is finished. The directions from the Corps of Re-Discovery are easy to follow and these little videos were fun to make.

Just so you know…it turns out that I really don’t like actually blogging! So, from now on I will continue to write in my sewing journal and my mom will take those entries and share them here on Miss Bliss with you. My mom thinks that is a winning compromise- especially since it involves writing practice!


2 thoughts on “Quilt Making

  1. Hey Miss Bliss, I deleted our other comment because we forgot to say something.You did a great job on your video clips.Sorry that you did not care for blogging. I think keeping a journal is a good idea.Good luck!

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